• FDA-cleared AI technology: Validates the safety and effectiveness of AI systems for dental applications.
  • Superior radiologic accuracy: It’s trained on a massive dataset of dental X-rays, clinically proven to be more accurate than dentists alone at identifying dental pathologies.
  • Consistent results: It's not susceptible to the same human errors that can lead to missed diagnoses.
  • Real-time: Provides instant results so we can make informed decisions about patient care while they're still in the chair.

How Pearl Works

Cloud-Based AI Platform

Pearl is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from any device. At Dee for Dentist, we integrate our digital imaging with Pearl’s AI platform in real-time. Pearl will then analyze the images and highlight potential areas of concern. Dentists can then review the results and use them to guide their diagnosis and treatment planning.

FDA-Cleared Technology

Pearl is an innovative AI platform acclaimed for its accuracy and cleared by multiple international regulatory bodies, including the FDA. This groundbreaking technology aids us in reading your dental x-rays with unprecedented precision and confidence.

We believe this powerful tool will usher in an even higher level of transparency, objectivity, and accuracy in our practice. Don’t think of it as another set of eyes. With AI, it’s more like a million sets of eyes!

Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities

Pearl employs machine learning algorithms trained on the world’s largest collection of expertly annotated dental radiographs, ensuring reliability and accuracy. The software is smart and very powerful, but it is not meant to replace your clinician. It simply serves as an always-on assistant, strengthening our practice’s diagnostic performance and making it easier for you to understand what’s happening in your x-rays.

Another benefit of Pearl is its broad detection capabilities. The system can detect signs of various dental pathologies and other treatable conditions found in dental radiographs – including hard-to-spot issues like incipient caries or the early stages of periapical radiolucency.

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