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From Day One, contributing to the Southern Nevada community has been one of Dee for Dentist's principal values. Las Vegas/Henderson is where we live and work, raise our children, and have the privilege of providing dental care for our many neighbors.

At Dee for Dentist, our patient-focused team believes every patient deserves undivided attention and care in a comfortable environment. We also offer state-of-the-art digital dentistry. Doing so allows us to take a conservative approach to highlight the long-term oral health of every patient.

"So many people say they want to save the world. Just try your block, will you?"
– Rev. Cecil Williams

While I have no idea who Rev. Cecil Williams is, what he's said made me realize something very important. With helping your community, there's no gesture too big or too small–bringing us to the Fills Good Program we offer.

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What is it?

The Fills Good Program has two main objectives:
  • Raise money for local charitable organizations
  • Increase awareness to make Southern Nevada a better place
While we deeply enjoy helping our patients with their oral wellness, our second greatest passion is assisting organizations with donations.

How Much Is Each Donation?

The goal of our Fills Good Program is to raise $1500.00 every three months. This amount is the donation we'll make to a local non-profit organization. Potentially up to $6000.00 a year!

Where Does the Money Come from for the Donations?

Dee for Dentist pledges to donate 100% of any cash or credit card payment for any filling services until we reach the goal of $1500.00 during each contest.

Why Does the Program Restart Every Three Months?

We thought it best to limit the program period and chose a specific theme due to there being so many organizations out there. Doing so helps us narrow down the companies in the pot.
Back in Q1 of 2019, the theme was "Mental Health." All the entries for this period were organizations who benefited those affected by Mental Illness in Southern Nevada. In the future, perhaps children, addiction, or cancer outreach will be next. Our goal is to help as many people as possible.

How Do I Get My Hands on This Money?

Eligible candidates are registered 501(c) organizations that:
  • Offer services pertaining to the contest's theme
  • Operate and assist the members of Southern Nevada

How Do I Enter?

  • Enter the contest page.
  • Click the JOIN CONTEST button.
  • Follow the instructions

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