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In the wake of skyrocketing advancements in dentistry, more and more dentists offer laser dental service in Las Vegas. If you’re having laser gum surgery, you’ll want to take the proper steps toward healing and ensure a smooth and speedy recovery following your procedure.

Although laser dentistry results in little to no pain or discomfort, your gums will still need to heal. Once your procedure is complete, your dentist will provide you with a list of specific instructions on how you can best recover from your oral surgery. Following these instructions to a “T” will help you remain comfortable, prevent any complications, and heal quickly.

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What Is Laser Gum Surgery?

Laser gum surgery refers to using a small laser fiber, as wide as three human hairs, to access and eliminate bacteria and infected tissue in the deep inside pockets on the gum line. Besides treating moderate to severe gum disease, dentists also use lasers to remove overgrown gum tissue to lengthen the appearance of short teeth.

Unlike traditional gum surgery that requires incisions and sutures, laser technology is a minimally invasive option that doesn’t leave visible changes to the treated area.

Dos and Don’ts of Laser Gum Surgery Aftercare


  • DO Take It Easy After Your Surgery

Since your body needs to recover, you’d want to take it easy after your appointment. For this reason, be sure to spend the rest of the day resting.

  • DON’T Do Anything That Requires Physical Exertion

After leaving the dental office, be sure to avoid exercise or heavy lifting. Any strenuous physical activity increases the risk of post-operative bleeding that may interfere with proper healing.

Eating and Drinking

  • DO Opt for Smart Food Choices

Your gums will have tiny clots or scabs over the treated areas. Since these clots are essential to the healing process, make sure that they’re not dislodged by excessive chewing. For this reason, it’s best to maintain a liquid diet or soft diet during the first week after laser gum surgery so that you can recover much more quickly.

To help your gums heal without the added pressure of biting or chewing, your dentist recommends cold liquid type foods such as milkshakes, juices, Jell-O, pudding, and ice cream for the first three days. Just avoid straws.

A mushy diet of eggs, pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes, or anything put through a food blender will work best on the fourth to the seventh day. You may also move on to soft foods such as pasta, chicken, or fish.

  • DON’T Eat Hard, Crunchy, or Chewy Foods

You should avoid biting off or biting into hard, crunchy, chewy foods such as popcorn, apples, hard bread, chips, nuts, and gum candy. Be sure to steer clear of foods such as raw vegetables, salads, and meats that can lodge in between your teeth.

Oral Hygiene

  • DO Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Habits

During the first day following your procedure, you can rinse your mouth every few hours with warm saltwater. Mix one teaspoon of salt in ½ cup of warm water and swirl this solution in your mouth for about 15 to 30 seconds. Besides soothing the treated area, rinsing with saltwater solution also removes food debris from your mouth. But be careful to not spit forcefully so you don’t dislodge the clot.

When brushing, use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Carefully roll the bristles toward the surfaces of your teeth.

  • DON’T Brush and Floss Over the Treated Area

Avoid sticking the bristles where the laser gum surgery was performed to avoid dislodging the tiny clots forming on your gums. You may resume regular brushing and flossing after the area has begun to heal.


  • DO Keep Your Head Slightly Elevated

Although your dentist controls any potential bleeding before you leave their office, you might still experience minor oozing for a few hours after laser gum surgery. Furthermore, you may notice some blood in your saliva when the numbness wears off.

One of the best ways to minimize bleeding is to keep your head slightly elevated when you’re lying down. Be sure to sleep with two pillows the night of the surgery.

  • DON’T Put Pressure and Movement on Your Lips and Cheeks

Since you’ll want to reduce your risk of post-operative bleeding during the first seven to ten days after surgery, avoid activities that put pressure and movement on your lips and cheeks. These activities include forceful coughing, using tobacco products, drinking through a straw, blowing up balloons, and playing wind instruments.

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