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Rarely will you hear a child excited about visiting their pediatric dentist in Las Vegas or brushing their teeth before bed, which might be one of the reasons why cavities are one of the leading health issues in kids. Therefore, parents have a duty to make oral habits fun for their little ones and to tell them how incorporating proper dental practices during their early life will result in a beaming, show-stopping smile.

Dental professionals can give you the best tips to engage your children in oral care and tell you the practices they must follow to maintain a bacteria-free and gorgeous mouth.

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What Can You Do to Make Your Kids Enjoy Oral Habits?

Get Them a Toothbrush They Like

Brushing your teeth is no fun task, but as an adult, you understand the importance of such practice and do it anyways. Since children only pay attention to what’s entertaining and exciting, let them pick a toothbrush with an eye-catching color or drawing that they will want to use at least twice a day. Make sure that the brush they want has soft bristles, as others can be too abrasive for the surface of their undeveloped teeth.

Let Them Take Their Favorite Toy to The Bathroom

Aside from a nice-looking toothbrush, furry friends like pets or stuffed animals can become great companions to turn this dull activity into an enjoyable one. Some children with sensitive teeth feel discomfort when brushing their teeth, so allowing them to take their favorite toy to the bathroom might make them feel more comfortable.

You can also encourage your kid to explain their oral care routine to their toy, as this will show you if your child has learned properly and help them remember what they know.

Explain to Them Why They Should Brush Their Teeth

Children don’t usually listen to reason, but if you tell them why it’s essential that they keep their teeth clean in an easy-to-understand and amusing way, chances are they’ll pay attention and care. Talk to a pediatric dentist to get all the necessary information about proper dental at-home practices and the dangers of ignoring your oral health.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary information, explain yourself clearly and creatively and use pictures or videos you think they’ll like to ensure they’re having fun. Be ready to answer any questions to make sure that they have understood correctly.

Perform Your Oral Care Routine Together

If you are a caring parent, your kid will admire you and try to copy your every move. When you are about to brush your teeth, take your child to the bathroom with you and tell them to copy you. This habit will help you see if they are doing a good job and make for a pleasant parent-child activity.

Don’t rush: wait for your child to finish and try to do everything slowly, so they can easily follow your lead.

Tips You Should Tell Your Children to Achieve a Healthy Smile

Brush Your Teeth Properly

Since brushing your teeth correctly lays the groundwork for having a healthy smile, you should teach your kids how to do it as soon as possible. Tell them to tilt their brush at a 45-degree angle and softly use it to remove food remains between their teeth for two to three minutes.

You should also advise them against swallowing the water they use after cleaning their mouths because they can get dental fluorosis from the fluoride in their toothpaste.


Floss is a cleaning tool even adults have trouble incorporating into their oral care routines, but you shouldn’t dismiss its relevance. By asking your kid to floss daily, you prevent any food hidden in their mouths from giving them dental problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease.

Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Asking your kids to say no to cake or candy seems almost cruel, yet your child must learn to control sugar intake from a young age. Sugar creates the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria to erode the outer layers of your kid’s teeth, making their smiles vulnerable to cavities. Instead of not letting your children eat sugar altogether, make them use a straw whenever they want to have a soda or a cup of hot chocolate and give them candy as a treat only.

Don’t Chew on Anything Other Than Food

Kids like to put stuff in their mouths to relieve anxiety or to fool around. This habit can damage enamel and make their teeth prone to fractures and scratches. Make sure to warn your children against the following:

  • Nail biting
  • Chewing on pens and pencils
  • Opening packages

Las Vegas dentist during dental check up with a little boy

Do You Want a Pediatric Las Vegas Dentist to Check Your Kid’s Oral Health?

If you teach your kid to have fun during their oral care routine, they will want to take care of their mouth and have a healthier smile. Our team will always have your and your child’s dental health as a priority, so make sure to give us a call today and schedule an appointment.