Myths and Facts About Dental Implants

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April 15, 2024

If your smile is extremely important to you, then you wouldn’t want to lose a single tooth. However, if you’ve experienced tooth loss for any reason, you’ll want to replace your missing teeth with affordable dental implants in Las Vegas. This tooth-replacement option won’t fail to restore your healthy and beautiful smile.

However, a lack of information about implants may perpetuate misconceptions about them. For this reason, it’s best to separate the facts from fiction to help you decide if this dental solution is right for you.


Dental Implants: Myths and Facts

MYTH #1: “Dental implant candidates need to have perfect teeth.”

FACT: Debunking this myth requires you to have a clear idea of what dental implants are and how they work. Since these are small, screw-like titanium posts implanted into your jaw to act as substitute tooth roots, you’ll need healthy gums and an adequate jawbone foundation – not perfect teeth. However, if your jawbone isn’t dense enough or is too soft to support the implant, your dental care provider can build it back up by performing a bone grafting procedure.

MYTH #2: “Dental implants aren’t safe for your mouth.”

FACT: It’s only natural to feel uncomfortable about the idea of having a metal implant inserted into your gum tissue and jawbone. However, dental implants actually work to protect your overall mouth health by preserving your other teeth and your jawbone.

When you lose a tooth, its surrounding teeth will eventually drift into the gap left by your missing tooth. The best way to keep your other teeth in place is to fill this space with a dental implant. Unlike other tooth-replacement options, implants eliminate the need for cutting down adjacent teeth.

Furthermore, the absence of natural tooth roots anchored to your jawbone can cause that section of bone to crumble and die. Since implants act as artificial tooth roots, they work to preserve your facial structure and keep your jawbone intact.

MYTH #3: “Dental implants involve a painful procedure.”

FACT: Although any type of surgery isn’t exactly fun, they aren’t as severe as what most patients suspect. In fact, many people with implants claim that the process of getting them was less painful than having a tooth extraction.

MYTH #4: “You can’t get a dental implant years after you had a tooth extraction.”

FACT: Even if your tooth was extracted years ago, you won’t be immediately disqualified from getting an implant. You may still be able to switch to one even if you’ve been using a bridge or dentures since you got your tooth pulled. In other words, the number of years post-extraction and your existing artificial tooth won’t determine your qualification.

The most important factor for an implant is the health of your jawbone. If your bone density has significantly decreased since your last extraction, the dental implant won’t be able to adhere to your bone. During your consultation, your dentist will check to see if your bone density is strong enough to provide the implants with a solid foundation.

MYTH #5: “Dental implants change color.”

FACT: Natural teeth may experience staining due to highly-pigmented foods and drinks, poor dental hygiene, tobacco use, certain medications, genetics, trauma, excessive fluoride, and age. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about stains clinging onto the crowns of your dental implants because, with proper care, they have less of a chance of changing a color compared to natural teeth.

Since implant crowns are usually made from porcelain and ceramic, they’re naturally resistant to staining. However, when abrasive items disrupt or break the crown’s glaze, the crown’s risk for discoloration increases. You can keep your dental implants safe by adhering to your dentist’s recommendations and following an excellent oral care routine.

MYTH #6: “Dental implants look and feel unnatural.”

FACT: When it comes to aesthetics, the tooth-shaped parts of dental implants won’t disappoint. Since they’re specifically designed to match the color, shape, and appearance of your existing teeth, you can expect them to look natural. In other words, they’re able to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

While dentures and bridges can potentially slip or make noise while you chew or talk, implants stay in a place like your other teeth. Compared to other tooth-replacement alternatives, dental implants can provide you with the most realistic experience.

MYTH #8: “Dental implants won’t last more than ten years.”

FACT: Implants are created to last a lifetime. If you’re looking to find a tooth-replacement option that can provide you with a long-lasting solution, your best bet is dental implants.


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