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Most people are well-aware of the dangers of avoiding health check-ups, yet rarely have the time to schedule dental appointments. Luckily, our bodies are ready to raise red flags when a disease is laying waste on our tissue and remind us it’s time to pay a visit to a general dentist in Las Vegas. Here are a few signs to know if something’s out of place and a professional must take a look, and some tips to take proper care of your mouth at home.

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When Should You Visit Your General Dentist?

Tooth Pain

If you find yourself screaming in pain after a single food bite, chances are one or more of your teeth are in trouble. When you skip dentist visits or don’t adopt healthy oral practices, you expose your teeth to dangerous bacteria, and food remains that erode tooth layers.

When left to their own devices, these harmful substances can reach the root of your tooth, sending sharp stings across your body. Severe decay can also cause tooth loss, so make sure to call your general dentist as soon as mild discomfort appears.

Bad Breath

Aside from tooth pain, bad breath can also clearly indicate dental problems are lurking around your mouth. Detrimental habits, such as smoking or not brushing correctly, can lead to smelly bacteria accumulating around your teeth, gums, and tongue.

As a result, you’ll have a foul odor that will keep others away, and bacteria will also have more leeway to damage oral tissue and cause periodontal disease. If not even minty mouthwash can rid you of your bad breath, clear your agenda and book an appointment with your general dentist.

Bleeding and Receding Gums

You might not have received complaints about your breath, but you should still schedule a dentist visit if your gums bleed and recede. Being overly enthusiastic while brushing can push your gums back, exposing weaker parts of your tooth to bacteria and giving you gum disease.

Not keeping a good teeth cleaning routine can lead you down the same path and cause bleeding, recession, and sensitivity. Call your general dentist if you notice blood splats after brushing or if your teeth appear longer than before.


Another symptom that’s a wake-up call to visit your dentist is experiencing sensitivity. Our teeth have a protective layer known as enamel, which shields them against bacteria. However, detrimental habits like smoking or binging on sugar can eat this coat away and leave your smile at the mercy of harmful food remains. This situation will make your teeth more sensitive to extreme temperatures, pain, and decay. A general visit is long overdue if eating ice cream or hot coffee brings you nothing but discomfort.

Tooth Crack or Fracture

One of the most evident signs a general dentist must intervene is having a cracked or fractured tooth. Accidents can make your teeth pay the price, chipping or breaking them. Even though slight cracks don’t harm your health, breaks beyond your gumline make your smile prone to infection and lead to tooth extraction.

Cracks and trauma can also loosen your teeth, so visiting your general dentist will increase your chances of saving your natural tooth.

You Haven’t Schedule a Visit in Over Six Months

Finally, if you go through your agenda and there’re no signs of an appointment over the last six months, it’s high time you call your general dentist. Visiting a dental professional at least twice a year is vital to keep dental problems in check and not allow them to harm your mouth permanently.

Since general dentists take care of hard-to-reach plaque and tartar, your smile remains bright and disease-free for a long time.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Teeth at Home

Keep a Proper Oral Care Routine

If you want to keep any of these symptoms away from your smile, visiting your dentist is only one of the practices you should adopt. Brush your teeth for two or more minutes after breakfast and dinner to remove food remains as soon as possible. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive paste to avoid scratching and hurting tooth enamel, and floss afterward to ensure no bacteria are left.

Drink Water

Water is a wonderful way to cleanse your mouth of bacteria and stimulate saliva production, which keeps your teeth and gums moist and protected during the day. As tempting as sugary drinks are, try to drink as little as possible or use a straw so they don’t come into contact with your mouth.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking has countless harmful effects on oral health, from turning your teeth yellow to making your gums swell and bleed. Avoid this detrimental habit altogether, or keep your number of cigarettes to a minimum.

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Looking for a Qualified General Dentist in Las Vegas?

If your gums or teeth are in trouble, it might be time to visit our team of general dentists in Las Vegas. We’d love to restore your smile, so give us a call today and book an appointment!