woman eats a strawberry instead of using it for Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas NV

If you’re like most people, you probably dream of having white and shiny teeth. For this reason, most dental practices offer professional teeth whitening in Las Vegas, NV, and stores sell DIY teeth whitening kits.

With so much information about this dental procedure on the internet, knowing what to believe can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help you cut through the noise and make the best decision for your oral health.

a young woman uses oil pulling as a Teeth Whitening method in Las Vegas NV

MYTH #1: “Brushing activated charcoal onto your teeth effectively whitens them.”

You’ve probably seen people on social media brushing activated charcoal onto their teeth to whiten them. According to them, the charcoal powder absorbs bacteria and stains that cause teeth to look dull.

However, dental care experts confirm that there’s not enough scientific evidence to support this claim. Instead of whitening teeth, charcoal powder and other abrasive substances can erode your tooth enamel and reveal the yellow-colored dentin underneath it. Instead of getting whiter teeth, you get yellow ones in the long run.

MYTH #2: “Swishing your mouth with coconut oil whitens teeth.”

Oil pulling has been a widespread cultural practice in India and other parts of Asia for hundreds of years. This teeth whitening method involves swishing around coconut oil in the mouth before spitting it out.

Although anecdotal evidence suggests that it works, there’s not enough scientific gravitas to support this claim. Moreover, research shows that swishing coconut oil in the mouth can have potential side effects such as nausea. Do yourself a favor by taking a pass on trying this trend.

MYTH #3: “Strawberries and lemons can give you a bright white smile.”

Many people use lemon juice or a mixture of crushed strawberries and baking soda to whiten their teeth. However, experts say that this DIY bleaching method is not as effective as professional teeth whitening options.

What’s more, acidic fruits and abrasive substances such as baking soda can eat away at the tooth enamel. Unless you’re willing to run the risk of needing additional dental treatment down the road, it’s best to eat these foods as a healthy snack and stay away from baking soda.

MYTH #4: “Whitening toothpaste and whitening gum can effectively whiten teeth.”

The concentration of bleaching ingredients in whitening toothpaste and gum are too low to produce noticeable results. Although these products can be inexpensive and widely available, don’t expect them to give you the dazzling white smile you’ve always wanted.

MYTH #5: “You can whiten veneers and crowns along with your natural teeth.”

Cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers and crowns are made of porcelain. Since teeth whitening products are specifically designed for natural tooth enamel, anything in your mouth that isn’t natural won’t respond to the bleaching process. If you’re looking to go several shades lighter, it’s best to replace the veneers or crown to match your newly whitened teeth.

MYTH #6: “Teeth whitening methods can whiten all teeth.”

Contrary to what some people believe, not all teeth can be whitened. A person’s dental health determines whether teeth whitening is a viable option.

For example, dead teeth or teeth with pigment spots developed after taking certain medications are more challenging to correct. In this situation, dentists usually recommend veneers or crowns to address the issue.

MYTH #7: “Children shouldn’t wait to have their teeth whitened.”

Poor oral hygiene and the use of certain medications can cause children’s teeth to become stained or discolored. However, since bleaching agents can do more harm than good on a child’s developing teeth, dental experts don’t recommend teeth whitening for pediatric patients. Your family dentist is willing to discuss your concerns with you and present a realistic timeline for your child’s treatment.

MYTH #8: “Professional teeth whitening and DIY whitening kits produce the same results.”

Dentists use whitening gels containing active bleaching ingredients that produce immediate and desired results. Additionally, the dental staff is trained to measure and decide the correct amount of bleaching agents to use for your teeth.

In contrast, whitening products purchased out of the dental office and applied without the supervision of a qualified dentist won’t be as safe and effective as professional teeth whitening methods. When you end up with an inferior product, you’ll have to apply it multiple times before you see noticeable results. What’s more, over-the-counter whitening kits are also subject to misuse.

MYTH #9: “Professional teeth whitening produces results that last forever.”

Nothing lasts forever – including professional teeth whitening results. How long yours lasts will depend on your diet, lifestyle habits, and oral hygiene. If you want to extend the whiteness of your teeth, it’s best to maintain balanced nutrition, avoid smoking, and practice proper oral hygiene habits.

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