fills good

It’s unbelievable that as we remember the horrific events of 9/11, we are faced with another tragedy that is once again affecting our nation. Though 9/11 and it’s aftermath affected everyone in the country, the effects of Hurricane Harvey & Irma seem to be touching people on a more direct and personal level. And as expected, as Americans we are once again rising to the occasion.

Mike, Suzanne, and I recently returned from a conference in Scottsdale, Arizona where a significant contingent of attendees from Florida, Texas, and Georgia were unable to attend at the last minute. Though the conference was a blast, you could feel the concern as updates on affected colleagues were constantly given during meal breaks. As the conference progressed, it became obvious that some people were going to be stranded in Scottsdale because airports were shut down. While on one hand we thought it was fortunate that those people would avoid the incoming devastation first hand, I can’t even imagine the feeling those same people had of being unable to help their loved ones who were desperately trying to escape the eye of the storm. Attendees, strangers and friends, banded together and covered the expenses for rooms, meals, and more for those that couldn’t make it home. It went so far as members offering up their homes across the country for those that needed a place to stay. What an amazing thing to witness first hand.

On the home front, before we left for the conference the team had approached us about foregoing this quarter’s Fills Good contest and instead donating the funds to a non-profit that would help victims of the storms. While our rules explicitly state that Fills Good donations only be made to local non-profits, this change was a no-brainer and I applaud my team for being the ones to step up and make the suggestion.

As such we have donated $1500 to TEXSAR: Texas Search and Rescue. Per their website:

TEXSAR: Texas Search and Rescue has been a significant leader in disaster response and recovery in the great state of Texas for more than a decade. TEXSAR serves all citizens of Texas and deploys at the request of local and state law enforcement, fire service and emergency management agencies, the Office of the Governor, and relief organizations.

Though based in Texas, TEXSAR has already deployed members and resources to Florida as well. The individual members that make up the rescue teams are all volunteers and pay for training for themselves as part of their own membership dues. Donations to TEXAR go directly to support rescue operations as listed on their donation page:

  • $25 provides Flagging/Trail Marking Tape
  • $50 provides one Water Rescue Throw Bag
  • $100 provides one K9 Safety Light Dog Collar
  • $250 provides 1/2 hour of Helicopter Search Time
  • $1,000 provides one Transport Litter
  • $2,500 provides one Inflatable Rescue Boat

For those of your that are not familiar with our Fills Good program, the money that is raised to make our quarterly donation comes from the cash portions patients pay whenever they get fillings at Dee for Dentist. So know that while you may not like getting those fillings, when you do, you are helping someone in need.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected and those who have started to rebuild. In the meantime, there are thousands of organizations looking to help victims of Hurricane Harvey & Irma, and not all of them are asking for money. Sometimes all they need is your time and/or talent so don’t be afraid to step up.

To donate to TEXSAR, click HERE