Is It Possible For Dental Procedures to be Painless?

April 15, 2024

In 2014, one study found that about 30-40 million Americans avoid visiting the dentist, at great risk to their oral health. Why? Often, dental anxiety is the biggest hurdle preventing people from maintaining good oral health.

Our dentists at Dee for Dentist utilize various dental treatments and techniques that are designed to ensure your dental experience is completely comfortable and pain free. The goal is to help you overcome this anxiety.

If you’re afraid of visiting the dentist and you’re looking for pain free dentistry in Las Vegas, Dee for Dentist is equipped with advanced dental equipment that allows us to provide you with pain free dental solutions. 

Painless Treatments with Sedation

Sedatives help prevent discomfort and anxiety while you’re undergoing a procedure. There are different types of sedatives that they can use depending on how extensive the procedure is.

If you’re having a minimal or non-invasive procedure but feel extremely anxious, your dentist could offer nitrous oxide. This helps keep you feeling relaxed throughout the procedure without feeling any pain. 

Moderate sedation can keep you conscious during the procedure, but you might not remember a lot of what happened. Your dentist can provide pills that you need to take some time before the procedure. Otherwise, they may opt to offer intravenous or IV sedation.

For more extensive procedures and dental surgeries, deep sedation and general anesthesia will make you nearly or completely unconscious. Here are some procedures that may require this level of sedation:

Laser Treatments

Dental procedures used to require the use of blades or knives, which was a source of anxiety, bleeding, and swelling. However, with the help of technological advancements, laser treatments are now widely used.

Laser treatments take away the need for a knife, especially for dental procedures involving the gums and soft tissues in your mouth. With laser technology, you are less prone to bleeding and pain.


Dental procedures in the past often involved drilling to get rid of cavities and decayed parts of your tooth. The vibrations can be a source or anxiety, even enhancing the sensation of pain that patients experience.

There are now various alternatives to drilling, one of which is composites. Composites and porcelain fillings remove the need for that level of drilling. Instead, adhesives can be used for a less painful procedure.

Find Pain Free Dentistry in Las Vegas

If you experience dental anxiety and worry about having a painful visit to the dentist, make sure to communicate any of your concerns to your dentist. Our dentists at Dee for Dentist will gladly accommodate you to make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

It’s time that you stopped avoiding the dentist and got your teeth checked. Experience pain free dentistry in Las Vegas. Contact us to book an appointment today! We’re always happy to help our patients take control of their oral health.

Dental anxiety is normal, so we do our best to help you overcome it. While we know it’s hard to look forward to a dental visit, we do our best to make your experience pleasant!

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